How much time do you need a proper power nap?

How much time do you need a proper power nap?

In this rushing and busy lifestyle, most of the people do lots of work in their day-to-day life and due to these busy works they do not find much time to have full time sleep during the night. Even though they find time to sleep, the medium gap makes their sleep get lost with discomfort. Likewise, there are major cases where people move on with inadequate sleep which automatically draws back their focus from their work. If you check on people’s rest schedules most of the people do follow a monophasic sleep pattern which is nothing but 8 hours of continuous sleep during the night. In some cases, people also follow a biphasic sleep pattern where people would nap twice a day. These sleep patterns do not apply for all humans. If you have night work or are working on a plan of night travel then they opt for a polyphasic sleep pattern.

What is a polyphasic sleep pattern?

Polyphasic sleep pattern is nothing but having rest more than twice in a day that too with specified break intervals. Mostly polyphasic sleep patterns people are less like soldiers, babies, scientists, and night workers. In this sleep pattern, people would work for 3 -5 hours and take a good sleep between 20-30 minutes and then again start their work. Usually, the break is fixed based on the people’s needs. In most cases breaks would be scheduled to avoid the loss of focus and have restless fall asleep. Need to know more about the polyphasic sleep pattern breaks continue further.

Common polyphasic break schedules:

When it comes to polyphasic sleep patterns the time breaks remain to be the essential one to have all benefits eager to know how the schedule should be just check out below to know about that.

  • Dymaxion sleep schedule – In this scheduled sleep pattern the breaks are taken in the pattern that people work for 6 hours and sleep between 20-30 minutes and restart the work. In this manner, people would have 4 hours of sleep which is 2 hours per day.
  • Uberman sleep schedule – In the Uberman sleep schedule there are several variations available one of the common schedules is a 20 – 30 minutes nap every 4 hours so that people would have 3 hours sleep per day. 
  • Everyman Sleep Schedule – in this schedule you would have 3 hours of continuous sleep at night along with 3 times 20 minutes naps throughout the day. Here the night sleep timing may vary as per your convenience.

Likewise, there are three common types of scheduled sleep patterns in polyphasic: based on your convenience you can choose the best power nap and make your work energetic. By having the power nap in a polyphasic sleep pattern you have plenty of benefits like your brain can drive deeper, thinking capacities will increase mentally and physically and the restful REM gets faster sleep when you have a polyphasic sleep pattern. In addition to these due to sustaining adenosine level it improves your mental clarity!