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The staff was, however, employed to do the CGI effects for Robotech: Academy. However, this prevented the two creators from participating in the day-to-day work of writing and illustrating a month-to-month comedian book. Nonetheless, when Ritchie loses, they must look inside themselves to see if they’re good trainers. Takahashi, realizing the Ooga is not to blame, collapses in grief. Ojarumaru and Ai’s household are terrified of her negative attitude. Kazuma’s family goes to a newly-opened hand-rotary sushi bar, and Ojarumaru cannot get pudding. Shinya’s grandmother, Tae Ooga, impressed by Takahashi’s information on glass, invitations him to dinner with the Ooga household. As Shinya’s entire family gathers at the scene, Conan tranquilizes Ponoko. He explains that Shinya’s sister, Mika ooga, and grandmother hid the ring to check Akane’s remedy, evidenced by how the hoop became located and how the scenario pertains to Greek mythology.

Shinya’s uncle reveals that they had delayed Akane’s father’s debt for 12 months and that the money needed to make the glass was greater than the profit when selling them, which furthered Akane’s father’s debt. That night time, Shinya’s parents provide Akane with an heirloom wedding ring for the wedding and invite Takahashi to attend the marriage. Sonoko invites Ran and Conan to attend a marriage between Shinya Ooga and Akane Katori on the Huis Ten Bosch. Before the marriage begins, the ring is discovered lacking, and in its place is an image of Akane with Hydrangea Otakusas within the background. Moonbay’s Gustav could be seen within the background in one of the later episodes; the backdraft shoots decide satellites down with a Loss of life Stinger tail, the Demise Saurer appears as a model, and in a background Television present, the three Geno Saurers that attack Berserk Fury, and the ultrasaurus damage on which bit cloud claims victory incorporates the Gravity Cannon on its side.

From the poison track, Conan discovers the trick of poisoning the professor to demise. Later, after leaving the bathroom, that professor is murdered; the main ai to accept as true with the black organization is in the back of it. Professor Agasa then brought Conan and her to the home of her father’s old buddy, who can be a professor. Conan then reveals that Takahashi was attempting to avenge his trainer, Akane’s father, by murdering Tae. She reveals that Takahashi plans to kill her grandmother-in-legislation by using bombs in her blimp. Conan manages to incapacitate Takahashi before he detonates the explosives. Takahashi regains consciousness and explains Akane’s father committed suicide when the Ooga family financial institution ordered him to pay back the cash he burrowed. Conan solves the case and retrieves the secret that Akemi hid in the bathroom.