FUT 21 – Who Will Be The March Bundesliga Player Of The Month?

Kostic, Goretzka, Lewandowski, Nkunku, Weghost, and Muller are the six footballers who compete for the FUT 21 March Bundesliga Player of the Month.

FUT 21 has monthly programs such as Player of the Month. This is a monthly distinction given to the footballer that had the best overall monthly performance in his league. The most famous leagues, such as the Bundesliga, are part of this program. Each month, FUT 21 players and fans are invited to cast their votes and decide who the POTM will be. The voting is open for several days. If you want to have a say in this, you should act fast before the voting closes. The best way to see when the voting opens is to follow FUT 21 on social media. The POTM nominees for their respective leagues and the link to the page where you can vote are announced in a tweet. The voting normally starts towards the middle of the month and we choose the player for the month that just ended. Let’s see who are the March players that were chosen to compete for the players’ vote and the Bundesliga POTM title.

FUT 21 March Bundesliga Player of the Month Nominees

We have six contenders for the March Bundesliga POTM honor. Kostic is a left midfielder that has 88 pacing, 76 shooting, 79 passing, 83 dribbling, 68 defending, and 80 physical. His OVR is 83. Goretzka is another player who might become Bundesliga March Player of the Month. His item has 84 OVR and the center midfielder position. The stats are 78 pacing, 78 shooting, 80 passing, 82 dribbling, 77 defending, and 82 physical. Lewandowski is a striker with 91 OVR. The attributes on his card are 78 pacing, 91 shooting, 78 passing, 86 dribbling, 43 defending, and 82 physical. Will he get the community’s vote? Muller is another contender. This center attacking midfielder item has 86 OVR and 68 pacing, 82 shooting, 82 passing, 78 dribbling, 56 defending, and 71 physical. Nkunku has 80 OVR. The card can be used in a center attacking midfielder slot. The stats are 78 pacing, 74 shooting, 80 passing, 84 dribbling, 69 defending, and 65 physical. Weghost is a striker with 81 OVR. His attributes are 65 pacing, 82 shooting, 59 passing, 70 dribbling, 39 defending, and 85 physical. Which one will become the March Bundesliga Player of the Month?

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