All You Need To Know About Amex EQX (Equinox Gold)

All You Need To Know About Amex EQX (Equinox Gold)

The company, Equinox Gold, is a well-financed, multi-asset company. It has gained its root all over America and is the only one to do so. Amex EQX at (Equinox) produces gold from all six of its major mines in The United States, Mexico, and Brazil. The massive company is said to grow to have a significant increase in its production in the near term. It has many investors that have ever since increased the value and the revenue of the company. Equinox has the vision to become a million-ounce gold producer and to be the only one to do so.

More about Amex EQX

The company has built 50 mines and has 500 years of cumulative experience. It has one of the strongest teams that one can fathom for a gold corp to be. The executive team and the directors of AMEX eqx (equinox) have a lot of experience in the technical, construction, operations, and financial sectors and that is what has led the company to the pinnacle of success. This Canadian mining company merged with Leagold mining to become the world’s top gold producing companies.

The trades at EQX

Ever since its merger with another company, the market value and the revenue of eqx have touched the skies. The company invested US$670 million making it’s market valuation even higher. Its average daily trading value rises by $20M.

Trading at Amex eqx starts at 11.11 and currently runs at 11.16. It has a market volume of 876.74k and its yearly high has been 11.36. Its current market cap is 2.48B. Many investors and analysts have suggested people buy the stocks asap as it has a great value and price currently and has been on a high since a few weeks.

EPS (Earnings Per Share)

  1. Current quarter EPS consensus estimate – NA
  2. Current year EPS consensus estimate – 0.48
  3. Estimated long term EPS growth rate – NA
  4. Next EPS Report Date – 08/21/2020

Price and Volume

  • Yesterday’s close – 11.01
  • 52 Week High – 11.36
  • 52 Week Low – 4.40
  • Beta – 0.00
  • 20 Day Moving Average – 1,802,609.38
  • Target Price Consensus – 12.02

Market Share of Amex EQX

  • Shares Outstanding (in millions) – $226.88
  • Market Capitalization (in millions) – $2497.89
  • Short Ratio – 1.00

For an investor, all the above information is very vital before he/she considers investing in it by trading software. The investors recommend buying shares of Equinox Gold Corp. as it has been on its high for quite a long time and has been one of the major gold producing companies. It is one of the major companies leading the mining sector of the stock market and by the reports of its growth in the last few years, it has vowed to remain at the top of the list for quite a long time. Hence, investors might consider having shares of such a massive company as their major asset. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.